August 2016
   Well, the new website is up. Yay! It's a bit bare bones, but a web designer I am not!
   I am currently working on two Ta'e'sha Caesurae and book three of the Ta'e'sha Chronicles. The Caesurae's are over half done but TC3 is slow going, Kati and Soren are being a tad difficult. Someone may need to talk to them. *glower*
   In other news, I've been working on a new series in my spare time. I'm aiming for three books but have no idea when they will be finished since I want to have all three done before I submit them. They are a bit.... dark. Which means I flail around wondering if they are too violent and depressing. My dad loves the dibs and dabs I've shown him so that keeps me going since he's a hyper-critical reader.
   I also have outlines done for several other titles, one of which will take us back to Oracle Island. Elderberry reached out and grabbed me one day and screamed he had a story. There was some shaking involved! He also had to show me his huge collection of Betty Page porn. >.>
   I'll see all of you on Facebook, where I will continue to throw around my random thoughts and any other oddness I find!
Theolyn and Tacey 2015

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