January 2018


   Hey Guys!

   As some of you may have heard, Loose Id is closing it's doors this year. I'm terribly saddened by this as they have been a big part of my life for over a decade. Everyone in the company has been wonderful to work with. Hell, my relationship with LI has been healthier and lasted longer than most marriages.

   I'm talking with my awesome editor, Crystal, about the two of us continuing to work together. I'm also trying to decide what to do about cover art.

   As of now the rights to Daughters of Terra have reverted back to me. This means the book is currently not available for sale. I'll keep you posted as to any other changes.

   Right now I'm debating what I should do with my books. I have some ideas, which include revisions and combining the Chronicles and Caesurae into a single series. It seemed like a good idea to have the stories separate when I started, but in reality it's just a pain in the ass. Once I have everything organized I'll post it

   Thank you to everyone who has supported me all these years! I'm trying to think of this as an opportunity and not a tragedy.

   I'll see all of you on Facebook, where I will continue to throw around my random thoughts and any other oddness I find!


August 2016
   Well, the new website is up. Yay! It's a bit bare bones, but a web designer I am not!
   I am currently working on two Ta'e'sha Caesurae and book three of the Ta'e'sha Chronicles. The Caesurae's are over half done but TC3 is slow going, Kati and Soren are being a tad difficult. Someone may need to talk to them. *glower*
   In other news, I've been working on a new series in my spare time. I'm aiming for three books but have no idea when they will be finished since I want to have all three done before I submit them. They are a bit.... dark. Which means I flail around wondering if they are too violent and depressing. My dad loves the dibs and dabs I've shown him so that keeps me going since he's a hyper-critical reader.
   I also have outlines done for several other titles, one of which will take us back to Oracle Island. Elderberry reached out and grabbed me one day and screamed he had a story. There was some shaking involved! He also had to show me his huge collection of Betty Page porn. >.>
   I'll see all of you on Facebook, where I will continue to throw around my random thoughts and any other oddness I find!
Theolyn and Tacey 2015

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